Friday, April 29, 2011

I'M IN!!!!

Well, Wednesday was the big lottery for the NYC Marathon. It was my second year in the lottery. Last year, my friend, MC and I wanted to run the marathon together...She got in and I didn't.....Well this year I entered and I totally thought there was no way I would get in!!! I thought it so much that I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon the week before. Well, I guess I should of known that it would of been the guarentee of me getting in :) So my fall racing schedule just got 26.2 miles longer....

9/11/11- Lehigh Valley Marathon

10/2/11- Wineglass 1/2 Marathon

10/30/11- Marine Corps Marathon

11/6/11- New York City Marathon

1/15/12- P.F. Chang's Rock-n-Roll Marathon Arizona

Last night I did a track work out...It was about 8:15pm once I got out the door (had to put the kiddos to bed!) I did 15 minute warm-up 6x400 and a 15 min. cool down. Goal time for the 400's was 1:35 (1:30 rest after each)

400- 1:34

400- 1:34

400- 1:32

400- 1:33

400- 1:36

400- 1:30

Overall it was a great work-out.....One week and Marathon training begins :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The best chocolate Easter bunny ever!

I gave up diet Pepsi for Lent. For those who know me this was quite difficult. It needed to be done though!!! I was drinking way too much diet soda!! I have discovered a new love for ice tea and water! Hopefully, I can be good and keep my inhalation of Diet Pepsi to one a day :)

Oh, how I have missed thee!!!

I had 10 miles scheduled for Sunday morning......I figured it wouldn't get done with it being Easter and all....I mean I really couldn't expect my 5, 4 and 2 year old to sleep in when the Easter bunny had left lots of candy filled eggs and baskets for the kids. I was woken up rather early by the littlest man, not for Easter but because he was running a fever (still)!!! Next up was big his excitement was quite contagious....and he woke up the Princess. They were so excited to see all the eggs hidden throughout the downstairs. It was great to watch them search high and low for the eggs and their baskets! So, the 10 miles will have to wait until Monday ( now that's Tuesday and I am actually posting this- I got them done and will blog about it soon!)

loving his new hat that the Easter Bunny brought

still feeling sick and not so interested in what the Easter Bunny brought

loves candy and toys so she was very happy!


Monday, April 25, 2011

The Race that Didn't Happen for me.....

Saturday, I was going to run a 10k. The Fly With Eagles 10k. It is a tough course! Last year I was the overall female. I wanted to see what kind of shape I am in compared to last year. I wanted to see if I could run faster on this course. I did everything that I normally do on Friday even laid out my new outfit to run in. New outfit from 26.2 apparel

modeling the new outfit

When I woke up Saturday morning my youngest was doing so hot. He was running a fever for the 3rd day in a row. Being a good mother I called his doctor and they wanted to see him. They set an appointment up for him at 9am. There was no way I was going to make it to the race. I was very bummed but I wanted my little guy to feel better!!! When I changed his diaper he was covered in a rash from the fever. Poor little man was a mess!

my baby napping

I took the opportunity of a rare nap for Carson to get an afternoon run in. Since I missed the race in the morning I decided to head out for a hilly run. I was able to 5.5 in 49:30 (9:00/mile pace) This is the second fastest I have run this loop. I will add the Garmin details later. I was even able to test out the new running outfit! It was one of the most comfortable running outfits I have ever worn! I will definitely buying more clothes from them! the best thing about sick children is how cuddly they are! Love my little man!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skunk Cabbage Classic 10k

On Sunday, I ran the Skunk Cabbage Classic. It takes place on the hills of Ithaca, NY. There is a 1/2 marathon and a 10k. I orginally registered for the 1/2 marathon but since the hubby and my 3 monsters came to root on mommy I dropped down to the 10k! This ended up being a very good thing as I felt really crappy throughout the whole race!
The 10k started at 10am. I had pre-registered so we got there at 9:15. I got my number and headed to the bathroom....there was quite a line. I did a mile warm-up at 9:40. I missed the drills that I normally do before a race. I lined up, without headphones, as this race did not allow them. The gun went off and we took off.....

here is how it went......
Mile 1 7:23- I knew within the first quater of mile that it was going to be a tough run. My legs were so tight. Especially my quads!
Mile 2 7:48
Mile 3 8:06
Mile 4 8:16
Mile 5 8:17
Mile 6 7:55 .24 1:44 (7:24 pace)
Total 6.24 49:31 (7:59 pace)

This was my 4th time running this race 2001 (45:24), 2003 (51:44), 2009 (57:07). I was very disappointed in my time as my mommy pr is 45:20. But when I saw that it was the second fastest I have run this course and I actually beat a time from before having my 3 monsters I felt a little better about it.
94/409 total runners
22/245 women
3/40 age group
Prize for my age group..

An Afternoon Home........

This post comes 5 days later...... On Friday, the last day of our "Spring Break" we were back to work to make up for snow days. The only problem I had was no baby sitter. My in-laws were out of town and my normal baby sitter was still on her vacation. What to do??? Well, my dad was able to watch the kids in the morning and I toook my last 1/2 personal day to stay home with the kids......We had so much fun!

We made silly faces!

and mad faces!

little man was happy to have mommy home!

We cuddled

and watched the Dukes of Hazzard

Little Miss Posed

and played airplane

If I could only stay home with these smiling faces everday!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Building Speed

Marathon training starts May 8. I am concentrating on some shorter track workouts until then to hopefully build some speed. I would love to get back to where I once was.....Yesterday was definitely my "quickest" workout in awhile! I ran with the girls I coach and we did 6x300 I did this workout last week and I had much more success this time through! In red is what I ran last time...... 1. 300- 1:07 (6:00/mile pace) (1:09) 2. 300- 1:04 (5:44/mile pace) (1:08) 3. 300- 1:02 (5:33/mile pace) (1:07) 4. 300- 1:03 (5:38/mile pace) (1:07) 5. 300- 1:05 (5:49/mile pace) (1:09) 6. 300- 1:06 (5:55/mile pace) (1:10) Maybe it was the new running shorts..... Tomorrow will be a busy day at the track as we host the Waite-Molnar Track Invitational! Go Blue Devils!!! and Sunday is the Skunk Cabbage Classic.....I think I will be running the 10k and not the 1/2 marathon.....I also got permission from the hubby to register for the Rock-n-Roll Arizona Marathon on January 15, 2012. It will be a weekend away for me and the kids. I was looking for one over winter break...hoping for Rock-n-Roll in New Orleans. They announced the date yesterday as March 4. Which doesn't work with my teaching schedule and I will hopefully be running Boston in April and makes that race too close..... So Arizona it is!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Runs are Good and Some are Not.....and a New Running Skirt

can't figure out why this picture keeps rotating it self....

I always said I would never run in a skirt.....but I saw this one and had to have it!!!! I love's a little short but Small was the only size available. It is the Nike Challenge skirt and has built in shorts also....It will be making it's racing debut at the Skunk Cabbage Classic 10k. I am also obsessed with Bic Bands!!! I have recently bought 5 and really want about 20 more :) They are awesome at keeping hair out of my face....I have one in my hair in this pic with my handsome little man who is making his pictorial debut on my blog.

me and my lovely Garrison

Now onto workouts.....Wednesday, I did a tempo run on my lunch and it was awesome!!! It was a 1 mile warm up (8:33) 3 miles tempo (7:26) (8:01) (7:26) and a mile cool down (8:27). I finished five in 39:56(over all 7:59 pace). Can you tell the hilly mile??? It was an awesome run and I was very pleased with it....

Now for the not so good workout which took place on the track at 5:00am this morning.....the work out called for 6x300 (62-71sec), 1200 (5:07-5:20), 800x2 (3:20-3:29). I hate to even admit this but after the 6 300's I was done....physically tired, soaking wet and I just didn't have it. Here are the 300's though.... I did so a 1.5 before and after and recovery jogs ....with a total of 4.4 miles (weak, I know)....

300- 69






I guess some days you have it and some days you don't.....