Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Run Survey

I Saw this on another blog and thought it was great idea!

Best Race Experience
I would have to say my best race experience of 2012 was the Rock-n-Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon or the Wineglass 1/2 marathon.  The RnR Chicago was my second slowest 1/2 marathon, 2:02:02 (out of 14) but it was my first "race" back after dealing with plantar fasciitis. It was my longest run since my time off.  It was such a fun experience! I loved every step of that run.  I guess when you are injured and you can run again you appreciate ate it that much more!  Plus, I loved running Chicago! What an amazing city! 
mom and I after 2012 RnR Chicago
Wineglass 1/2 Marathon was a comeback run of sorts.  The two previous 1/2 marathons I didn't break 2 hours.  I went out as an easy training run but felt so great at the miles went by so fast!  It was one of those great races and I finished with a 1:47:02.  I love the Wineglass course and since it is a local race I will definitely be hitting it up in 2013!
Finish of 2012 Wineglass 1/2

I also loved running a 5k with my daughter!  She is 5 and loved that she wanted to run!  We had a lot of fun.  I also ran a mile race with her earlier in the fall and she ran a sub 10!

Best Run
This would have to be a day that I ran while my daughter was at dance.  All my easy runs were hovering around 9:00-9:10 pace and they felt like a struggle.  I had been on the comeback from injury and my body was just not wanting to get with it.  I had been on the comeback for two months and my runs weren't "clicking".  Well, this particular day, I headed out for 7 miles.  I felt awesome!  Miles just started flying by.  I ended with 7 miles at 8:24 pace and felt like I could of run forever.  My easy pace seem to dramatically drop.  Muscle memory?

Best New Piece of Gear
This would have to be Hoka One One running sneakers!  These sneakers have saved my running!  After dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for 1 1/2 years in and out of the boot and trying many different sneakers.  I have been running pain free since I made the switch!  I truly love these sneakers! 
They may look like moon shoes but they are heaven on my feet!

I also have fallen in love with Oiselle Running Clothes.  The Lesley tights are an instant favorite as are the Stripey shirt, Runfinity scarf, t-shirts, Distance Shorts and the Trials Hoodie! Can't wait to add more to my collection in 2013!

Best Piece of Running Advice Received
Enjoy the run!  My mom told me if it I am not having fun and enjoying than I shouldn't be doing it.  I know that some runs are going to be harder than others.  But I run because I love it and have put that back into my daily training!

Most Inspirational Runners
First, I would I have to say my mom.  She may not be the fastest one out there but she gets out there and gives it her all.  This year my mom committed to run for Team Livestrong and raise money for cancer research in memory of a high school friend of mine, Dana Carr.  Dana was an amazing person with an amazing attitude about life.  Dana was dealt some tough cards.  He was hit by a motorcycle while training on his bike and left paralyzed.  Dana was later diagnosed with cancer for a second time.  As hard as Dana fought he passed in December 2009.  My mom was running NYC in his memory.  Unfortunately she didn't get the chance but she will in 2013.

Second, would be my friend "sole sister", Kelli.  Kelli has become such a fast runner through so much hard work and dedication.  Kelli always has an encouraging word for me when I am feeling down about my running.  I am truly lucky to have her as a friend!
Grill pic after a day of shopping in Ithaca instead NYC marathon

How was your 2012?  Did you achieve your goals?  Best of Luck and Happy 2013!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Holly Jolly 5k RR

Holiday Attire
We headed up to Orchard Park Saturday morning. It was a noon start for the 5k and we got to the packet pick-up at Runner's Roost at 10:20. My mom and I picked up our numbers and looked around a little bit. We had some time before we had to be at the starting line, so we headed to Marshall's. I found a pair of orange (Texas Longhorn orange) Nike Tempo shorts for $12.00. My son also picked out a pair of socks for me to run in. I had red and white striped ones with me (as did everyone else) and he liked the black with presents and red faux fur. Yes, new socks and a cotton shirt for a race.....

mom and me
My husband dropped my mom and I off at the start and I did a mile warm- up ~8:45/mi. I headed in to a construction zone to use the port-o-potty because there was no other bathrooms. Lined up at 11:50 and then gun went off at 12:00. I am not really in 5k shape and wasn't sure how this race would go. I sure did positive split the heck out of this race though!!!!

Mile 1 6:46 Started with an uphill and then down and flat and little up. It was definitely a rolling course! At the end of this mile my left hip flexor/Quad/above inner knee decided to quit working. I am not sure what the heck was going on. I have had problems with the hip flexor but this covered more area of my left leg. I felt like I couldn't lift the left leg.
Mile 2 7:43 By time I hit 1.5 was hoping to hold sub 8 pace because my leg was not cooperating. It was so weird! about 1.6 miles you turn so you can see the people behind you. I also could count the girls ahead of me and I was 5th female. I just wanted to hold on. I felt great except the darn leg! I kept trying to go faster and it was like I couldn't no matter how hard I wanted to because of the leg.
Mile 3 8:12- At this point, I just wanted to finish. We came out of development and headed up. The last 600m were uphill. I got through it! It wasn't pretty but I was pleased with the overall considering how much trouble my hip/leg gave me
.12 :55 (7:33 pace)- As I was finishing uphill the announcer announced that I had the best skirt, socks, and shirt and then best costume (made me show everyone in the awards ceremony)

23:37 I was 2nd in my age group and 7th female.

having to show everyone my "costume"

Medal and Number
from result board

It was a great race with Awards in The Well (bar)! They were quick with the results too!

Today, my hip is still tight and my lower quad/upper calf are sore. But was able to do an easy RUNch.

Have you or are you doing any holiday runs?
Do you like dressing up for races?