Saturday, June 1, 2013

Elephant Run 4 Mile Race Report

     On Mother's Day, I ran the Elephant Run 4 mile race in Buffalo, NY.  We were in Buffalo for a wedding the day before so of course I looked up races and found the Elephant Run.  The Elephant Run was names such because and elephant never forgets.  This run raises money for Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund.  I ran this race in honor of my dear friend Holly and in memorial of her son Jake.  Jake was only 10 weeks old when he passed away.  Jake is a forever hero because of the selfless act of organ donation.  Jake's heart continues to beat in young boy from Iowa.  Jake's cornea's also continue to see in another unknown recipient.  Through Jake and his family I have learned so much about strength and courage.  Seeing that it was Mother's Day and a race supporting organ donation I knew that I could draw strength from Holly and Jake. 
goodie bag
       I had not been training so well lately.  Knowing this I set the expectation of 8 minute miles.  In true Buffalo fashion I needed my sunglasses the whole way to the race.  Once I arrived it began to pour, sleet and get really windy.  I picked up my bib and shirt and made a mad dash back to my car to sit out the weather. By time of the start it had stopped raining/sleeting but was still quite windy.  It was cold also.  I was so glad that I had my Oiselle Lux Layer with me.  I raced in that and my new favorite racing bottoms the Oiselle Bum Wrap. 

    I focused on not starting out to fast and for the most part felt pretty good.  My legs were tired because they were not used to going at faster pace.
Mile 1 7:27
Mile 2 7:34
Mile 3 8:15
Mile 4 7:43

My watch was a little off at the end but my finishing time was 31:35 (7:54 pace) so I was under my goal. Can you tell which was the hilliest mile :) ?  I ended up 64 out of 361 and was 3rd in my age group out of 26.  For females I was 21 out of 211.  Anytime that I run better than what I thought I could I consider it a good race.  This  race did motivate me to get back into more consistent training.  I would say the bug has bit me again :)