Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Boy and a Beautiful Run!

My baby turned 4 yesterday!  I can't believe how fast the last 4 years have flown by!  We had such a great day!  I got up and started my run at 4:15 so I could spend the day with him.  I got an easy 9 miles in.  We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and than headed to a nearby play ground where we traveled to the Moon and Pluto.

showing me he is 4.  I missed his fingers though
After lunch we played more and he received his Radio Flyer Hot Wheel bike.  He loved it!

figuring out how to use the pedals
He wanted Friendly's for dinner so that is where we went.  While there he was given the rest of his presents and he loved his LeapPad from his grandparents!

He is telling me "I love my LeapPad"

Happy 4th Birthday Buddy!  We love you!!! 

     This morning I set out on a hilly 5.5 mile run.  Usually I don't have my phone with me but my iPod was dead today.  I am glad because it was such a beautiful run!

Hill I had just run up

Hill I was tackling next! I loved how the pink glow from the sun was reflecting of the white hay bales.

view from top
sun rising over the hill

It wasn't the greatest run I have had, but I am slowly but surely feeling that I am getting back in shape after time off for my recent plantar fasciitis injury.

Have you ever had plantar fasciitis?  If so how did you get it to go away?

What is your favorite type of run (hill, tempo, track, long ect...)?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tornado Clean-up!

Well, Thursday was a crazy day! An EF-1 tornado hit my small town.  Luckily no one was injured in this storm.  We were spared luckily!  We didn't even have a branch down.  My in-laws weren't so lucky. 
    After the storm I headed towards Horseheads for a run since Elmira was in a state of emergency and 8pm curfew.  I headed out on 6.2 mile loop.  The plan was a mile warm-up and 2 at marathon goal pace (8:11) and 1 mile at half marathon goal pace (7:45) and 2.2 mile cool down.  My times were 8:03 and 8:01 for my MGP and 7:51 for my HGP.  It was cool because I saw 14 fire trucks from different areas headed to Elmira.  Felt good on the run so it was a success. 
   Yesterday was a rest day.  Today I ran to my in-laws and helped clean up after there tornado damage.  My poor mother in-law was home alone when it hit.  She saw/heard the tree that fell and hit her house and watched the transformer in front of the house blow.  Lots of sparks and fire. 
My in-laws live next door to a monastery and their trees crashed down onto my in-laws property.  After we cleaned her yard up we moved next door and helped the nuns. 
  1. front of patio

Thursday, July 26, 2012

13th 1/2 Marathon done!

     We took a family vacation to Chicago to visit my younger brother. He moved there 10 months ago and it was our first visit out there. We stayed at the Best Western Grant Park. We were able to go to Wrigley Field, the Field Museum, Millenium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Planatarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, Sears (Willis) Tower, and the Hancock Building. We took the train to Chicago which was a new experience for me an the kids. The Rock-n-Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon also happened to be in town the same weekend. I of course registered to run that! I really like the organization of the Rock-n-Roll Race! This was number 2 for me this year. In January, I ran the Rock-n-Roll Arizona Race
I have started to collect pint glasses from different races.

    My mom and I went to the expo Friday afternoon.  I was able to re-stock up on some Nuun and also bought some new head bands.  I have a serious addiction to headbands!!! My favorites are bic bands!
Lemon Tea, Kona Cola, Fruit Punch and Grape plus my new water botle

  We walked around a lot on Saturday so my legs were tired and so was I!  I laid my stuff out and watched fireworks on Navy Pier from my hotel room and headed to bed. 

I was up bright and early for the race Sunday morning.  It was my second slowest 1/2 marathon that I have run.  I am okay with it because I am coming off an injury and it was the farthest I've run since injuring myself in my last 1/2 martahon (May 22).  I LOVE the course! It was probably one of my most favorites I have run!   I ran 2:02:02 and smiled a lot!  It was so hot for the whole race! Ran by a thermometer at mile 2 that said 84! 
me and my mom after the race

Overall, I am pleased with how the race went and look forward to NYC marathon training!