Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 3 Lehigh Valley Marathon Training

Sunday, May 22
I was suppose to run 13 miles....I felt horrible and stopped at 10.17
Long 10.17 Mi -1:28:57 (8:45/mile)
Monday, May 23- Rest started 7 weeks to 100 push- ups I did 6-8-6-6-9=35

Tuesday, May 24
Easy 3.39 Mi 29:50 8:49/mile. Ran with the girls on the track team. Should of run more but still fighting illness and some right achilles pain

Wednesday, May 25
Easy 2 Mi 19:07 9:34/mile Started out on an 8 mile run but my right achilles and the top right of my right foot hurt so bad so I turned around at 1mile and went home to ice.
push-ups 8-10-8-8-9=43

Thursday, May 26
- resting the foot one more day---

Friday, May 27
Easy 5.36 Mi 47:17 8:50/mile
push-ups 9-12-9-9-11=50

Saturday, May 28
Will do RR soon but I felt HORRIBLE!
Easy 1.73 Mi Warmup and Cool down
Race 8 km 37:17 7:31/mile

Total: 27.6 miles

Back on track so far this week.....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Marathon Training Week #2

Sunday- Race for the Cure 5k. I ran with hubby for this one...it wasn't near my normal 5k race pace but I had so much fun!!!

Monday- 12 miles 1:43:47 (8:39/mile) Had to get this run in beofre work because of yesterdays 5k

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 5 Easy 47:33 (9:31/mile)

Thursday- Rest (suppose to run 10 miles) felt run down and could not get out of bed on time in the morning so it was a missed run

I was so jealous of these three......

Friday- 5.5 Hill run 50:58 (9:16/mile) now I know why I felt run down...sick.... but got run in anyway

Saturday- 5miles easy 44:58 (9:00/mile) Had to get a run a in early because had track practice with my distance kids and t-ball game with my own kids....

our new mascot

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Race for the Cure RR

I am in pink with the hubby next to me....I am having a blast! :)

On Sunday, the hubby and I ran the Race for the Cure. His mother is a survivor so he runs this race every year in her honor. It is one of two races that he will run in a year. Last year he ran a 25:59. His goal this year was to beat that. I decided that it would be fun to run with him since I do not have the opportunity to do so very often. My goal was to pace him to a new PR. We started off quickly finishing the first mile 7:43....this is going out quite fast for him.....mile 2 around 8:10 and the third mile was 8:38. We finished together in 25:31. A new PR for him. I now will have to wait until February to run the Sweetheart race with him...... So proud of him!I

had a little trouble running side by side....you can see my hubby's foot

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 1 Lehigh Valley Marathon Training Complete

The first week of Marathon training is completed!

Sunday- 10.7 miles @ 8:53 pace. This was a horrible run for me....not sure if I started of too quickly and or what but I was sore and my legs were sooooo tired. A very disappointing start to the 18 week plan!

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 4.7 miles @ 8:08 pace. Felt great. Met some ladies at 5:45am and ran with them. It felt good to run that pace!!!

Wednesday- 9 miles @ 8:54 pace. This was a nice recovery run!

Thursday- 6.7 miles @ 8:11- again some ladies at 5:45am. This run felt awesome! Really enjoyed it!

Friday- 5 miles @ 8:57 pace with the girls on the track team

Saturday- 7.56 @ 9:00 pace

Overall it was a great training week!!! Sunday I am running a 5k with the hubby! I am not racing it but hoping to pace him to a PR. This one of the only two races he will run a year so I have to do it with him!

Here are some pics that make me smile of my youngest......

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day started off with a long run. It was supposed to be 12 miles but it was a huge fail! I felt okay at the beginning ....Okay being tired legs.....after about 6 miles the legs decided it wasn't going to happen....my pace slowed and my legs started cramping, especially my calves. I ended up running 10.8 miles in 1:35:21 (8:53 pace). I was very discouraged after this run. It was the first day of training for Lehigh Valley Marathon.....hope it's not an indicator of the rest of the training plan!

The day did get better even though I had calf cramps throughout the day........... We went to my step-son's soccer game and came home with a new dog. The dog was his Christmas gift a year and half ago and stayed at his mom's house. The puppy has now joined our household. The kids love her already!!!

Afterwards we went Tag's for Mother's Day dinner with my mom and my in-laws and my brother. I started off with Red Cat and Mexican Spinach Artichoke Dip and then had an Awesome Chicken Salad. I had such a great Mother's day. I loved the home made gifts from Ally and Garrison and the hubby had the kids record their voices in a book and asked them questions. I LOVED it!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Day 5k and Kids Fun Run

This weekend was the May Day 5k. I have not really been doing a lot of speed training and thought the 5k would be a good speed day! It was a Sunday race at 1:oopm. I have run the course before.....I ran it in October for the Chris Bond Run. In October I completed the course in 22:00. Sunday was over a minute slowe 23:08. I was disappointed with the time but happy because I was the overall female. I guess running 9 miles on Saturday was not the ideal way to improve a 5k time on Sunday. But oh well! It was fun! My mom ran also and won her age group!!! GO MOM!!!! They had the results all mixed up with me....They had me listed as a male and in the 15-19 year old age group. Not sure how that happened since I registered through Active. I was 12th over all out of 168 runners. They quickly "changed" me back to female. But I did have to forfeit my 15-19 age group award because of the over all win (nice thing for a 33 year old to have to do:) ).

My favorite part of the day was the 1/2 mile kids run!!! My 4 year old really wanted to run it. So I ran it with her and she was so cute running!!! When she crossed the finish line she looked up at me and said, " boy mom, that is hard work!" I love her!

Here are some pics of Ally's race........

At the start with mommy!

Checking out the crowd!


Like any runner she hit up the post race food!

The awards