Friday, November 11, 2011

Successful Tempo Run

I had to get my tempo run in on my lunch. My training plan called for 8 miles total and I knew I didn't have time for that. I have a very late lunch this year so I was able to get in 5 at tempo pace on my lunch and then 2 more at practice with my cross-country kids... Yes, I know that is only 7. But I
was pleased as I was hoping to be able to hit 8 min pace for my run

Summary 37:51.0 5.00 7:34.2
1 7:46.4 1.00 7:46.4
2 7:37.7 1.00 7:37.7
3 7:26.8 1.00 7:26.8
4 7:34.5 1.00 7:34.5
5 7:25.5 1.00 7:25.

This gives me a little confidence that I won't totally bomb some upcoming 5k's!

Now it is off to the New York State Meet with 4 of our cross-country athletes!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Baron 1/2 Marathon

Sunday was suppose to be the day that I was in NYC to run the greatest marathon in the world....well, the training wasn't there because of a goofed surgery in August and calf pain from the Wineglass half marathon and I made the decision to defer to 2012. Instead I am focusing my training on the 2012 Rock n Roll marathon in Arizona. Jan. 15, I will be going for the elusive (to me) BQ.

This weekend 14 miles was on the training schedule and locally the Red Baron 1/2 Marathon was taking place. I ran this race 2 years ago and vowed never to do it again ( I wasn't prepared and hurt for days after). Well, this year if you ran the Wineglass Marathon and the Red Baron you would be in the Wine Baron club..... so I decided that this would be an opportunity to get my long run in with water stations and have people around me.... I went into this knowing and planning on it me just a training run. My goal is Jan. 15!

The first 5 miles are HILLY! I kept telling my self don't race it...Arizona...this probably helped me! the next 4 miles are down hill...ouch on the quads and shins...ran it controlled ...Last 4 was legs felt all weird and they were tough. I took a Carb Boomgel at mile 9. I ended up finishing in 1:50:06 (garmin). It was not chip timed though. It was a great long run! Still waiting to see the final results!