Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My New Accessory

Dr. put me in a boot!  Plantar Fasciitis with probable tears in the tissues.  It was quite thick according to the ultra sound.  This was last Thursday.....  I was good and didn't run Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

I couldn't take it anymore. I snuck out of the house while my husband was sleeping to get in a few miles.  He told me if I ran he was going to tackle me.....that's love!  I don't think he knows I ran.  I got 3.5 miles in.  The first mile hurt but after that it was much more manageable.  I finished up with the P90x Ab RipperX.  My garmin never found a satellite - must be the Sun Flare that I read about on Yahoo.  But I knew the loop I was running.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heel Pain ahhhh!

I promise that I will update the blog with Arizona Race Recap and mini vacation re-cap for the 3 people who read this blog .....

Yesterday during mile 4 of a 6 mile run I felt sharp pain in my heel.  I am hurting pretty bad today....off to the podiatrist at 2:15.  Hope it's not to serious.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals for Arizon R-N-R 1/2

dying at the end of a 1/2
        My goal is sub 1:45.  Anything under 1:45 I will be happy with! I really want to run a smart race though!  I tend to go out to fast a die at the end.  I would love to to negative split!   
   We are heading out today to Sunny Phoenix.  I am very excited!  It is the farthest west I will have traveled and the farthest/longest I will be away from my kids.  I am a little anxious leaving the kids for 4 days but they are in good hands!

   While in Phoenix we will be going to a Suns game, ASU game and to see comedian Norm McDonald.  I am really looking forward to going Yogurtland after all the blogs that have pictures of this yummy place!

  This morning it was pouring and my daughter was up at 5:30 so I headed down to the basement and hopped on the treadmill.  It was an uneventful 4 miles.  I felt like I could run a lot faster which I guess means my taper is working :)  We watched Babaar and Secret Agent Oso as I ran.  Must say, not my ideal morning tv viewing as I am running!

Friday, January 6, 2012

ME on a Treadmill?

It is no secret that I hate treadmills.  I cannot stand to run on them!  They bore me and I lose motivation and I slack off.  I have a cut off of between 5-10 degrees before I will use a treadmill.  Last night, it was much warmer (32) but it was 8:30.  Normally this doesn't bother me.  I have no problem running in the dark by myself but I was freaked out and decided to go the safe root and hop on the treadmill.  I went to the basement turned on the TV and hopped on the good ol' mill for 5 mile run.  4 at half goal pace (7:50-8:00) ..... it was successful...1/2 mile warmup  1 mile 8:00, 1 mile 8:00, 1 mile 7:48, 1 mile 7:48 and 1/2 mile cool down.  Hopefully in Arizona I can hold that pace....I am in semi-temper mode!   Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am ready to head out to run in 50 degree weather in January!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

This is the most consistent I have been with this blog....hmmm.... It's 5 days into the new year and I am still following this resolution! GO ME !

Three things
1. I use to be way faster than I am now.  I ran all through high school and college.  I ran a sub 19:00 5k and a sub 40:00 10k.  I use to be consistently running sub 20:00's.  This was at a time in my life where everyday I had the opportunity to get up in the morning and do a morning run and had 4:00 everyday where I had practice.  I had people to run with everyday and a coach who was amazing!  Now, I have children to get up and ready and a job to go to. I have to get up between 4:30 and 5:00 if I want to run before the chaos of my day begins.  My other option is to go after the kids go to be which is around 8:00 or to squeeze in 5 miles on my lunch.  I am lucky that I have a husband who "let's" me do my long runs on the weekend.  I  now refer to PR's as mommy pr's because it's a whole different ballgame when you have kids to get the training in. 

2. Next Thursday my husband and I will be heading to Arizona-  This will be the longest we will be away from our kids since we have had them.  I am nervous about being away for 5 days and being so far away if something happens.  I am excited to have some alone time with my husband though.  I am really excited about running the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon!

3. My surgery this summer cost me a lot of money!  I had surgery this summer and my doctor accidentally punctured my bladder.  It sucked!  I was suppose to have a week recovery- that ended up being a week with a catheter and three weeks off from exercise and a slow comeback.  I had to defer 3 marathons and have switched from the full to the 1/2 in Arizona.  NYC was the most costly!  They make you repay the entry fee....so my $200 from last year and then $266 this year.  This NYC marathon better really be something special!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today it was a brisk 4 degrees when I got up so I did not go out for my run. I will have to do it later when it gets up to 29! It was such a beautiful morning! Here is the view from my son's bus stop..........
Monday, was the last day of winter vacation and I ran my 14 mile run. It took me 2:05:01 (8:55 pace) it was 30 with 20-30mph wind gusts so I was happy with that. Yesterday it was a brisk 18 so I only did 5 at 8:34 pace. I think my face is still thawing out!

Some pics from New Year's Eve..... This one is my nephew, my daughter and my niece (hiding behind my leg)

We traveled to Virginia to visit and spent New Year's Eve with my sister! We had such a great time! We decided to show the kids the ball dropping from 2011 on the TV at 9pm and put them to bed by 9:15! This worked like a charm and we were able to celebrate and not disrupt their sleep schedule too much..... Here is my youngest celebrating....

And my daughter!

HAPPY 2012!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Running Goals for 2012

1.Run 2012 miles- Last year I wanted to run more miles than I did but did fairly well considering August was pretty much a wash from my surgery and the doctor's error.

2. Race 200 miles- not at once but throughout the year.

3. Knock 2 states off my 50 state list.

4. Be better at cross- training and core workouts

5. Not sign up for every race and either drop to 1/2 or defer- I know that it wasn't all my fault with the surgery really messing up my training. I really do have to be more careful with clicking the registration button.

6 BQ.

7. Be a better blogger