Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Baron 1/2 Marathon

Sunday was suppose to be the day that I was in NYC to run the greatest marathon in the world....well, the training wasn't there because of a goofed surgery in August and calf pain from the Wineglass half marathon and I made the decision to defer to 2012. Instead I am focusing my training on the 2012 Rock n Roll marathon in Arizona. Jan. 15, I will be going for the elusive (to me) BQ.

This weekend 14 miles was on the training schedule and locally the Red Baron 1/2 Marathon was taking place. I ran this race 2 years ago and vowed never to do it again ( I wasn't prepared and hurt for days after). Well, this year if you ran the Wineglass Marathon and the Red Baron you would be in the Wine Baron club..... so I decided that this would be an opportunity to get my long run in with water stations and have people around me.... I went into this knowing and planning on it me just a training run. My goal is Jan. 15!

The first 5 miles are HILLY! I kept telling my self don't race it...Arizona...this probably helped me! the next 4 miles are down hill...ouch on the quads and shins...ran it controlled ...Last 4 was flat...my legs felt all weird and they were tough. I took a Carb Boomgel at mile 9. I ended up finishing in 1:50:06 (garmin). It was not chip timed though. It was a great long run! Still waiting to see the final results!


  1. Sounds like a hard one--congrats!
    Best of luck as you train toward that elusive (for now) BQ!

  2. Wow that is a great time for a "training run". Great job and good decision to defer NYCM. There is no point in further injuring yourself and you might as well wait until you can run it full out.