Monday, March 18, 2013

Thanks to Some Wonderful Companies!

Here we much has happened since I have last blogged!  I want to start with a shout out to some amazing companies!  On March 1, a guy I graduated with and his wife were killed in a car accident.  They were traveling back to their hometown.  In the car with them were their 3 children (ages 12, 9, and 3) and two dogs.  The three children and one of the dogs survived.  This story just tugs at my heart.  It is one of my biggest fears as a parent.  Two people taken from this Earth way too soon.  The support from the community has been amazing.  This upcoming weekend there is a raffle benefit at a local hockey game and un April there is another benefit.  The running group that I am in is donating a basket to be raffled off at the April benefit.  We reached out to some companies for help and I can't believe the support that we have received! My love for these companies has grown even more!  So far our gift basket will include 4 tubes of Nuun and a Nuun pint glass, $30 Road ID gift card, $60 gift certificate from Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, a Running Skirt, shirt, compression socks and bag from Running Skirts, 6Bic Bands, 2 Sparkly Soul headbands, Running Warehouse sweatshirt, hat and socks, 2 pairs of PRO Compression socks, 1 SPIbelt and a box of mint chocolate Clif Bars.  These companies have been amazing and will always be supported by me!!!  If you know of any other ideas to add or companies that might be able to help please let me know! The raffle takes place on April 20.  If you can help in anyway a trust fund has been set up for the boys.  Thanks!

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