Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'mmmmmm BACKKKKK!

So, it has been awhile..... Sorry no pics with this post but it is late and I am tired! But today I was able to run after three weeks off! I ran 2.1 miles. It was slow but it was running! How I have missed running! I know it was only three weeks but it felt like an eternity! I will post more tomorrow about surgery and recovery. I also need to post a re cap of the Boilermaker and Character Chase 5k. But for now I am off to bed and will be getting up early to run again and then will add some post updates!


  1. Glad you are back! I have missed you.

  2. Hi Amy! I was trolling the internet for results from yesterdays Chris Bond 5K in Tburg and came across your blog. Were you at the CB5K 2011 yesterday?

    I remember you from the MayDay 5K. I was the person who both entered you incorrectly into the computer as a teenage male and fixed the error when you let us know about it after the race as we were trying to get ready for awards. Now I can see that not only were you fast at our race but you have a whole slew of fast races under your belt.

    We have alot in common. I am a runner (not as fast as you) but I am getting faster each year, which is all I ask for since I am in my 40's. I have three children too and one of them has Down Syndrome. I really enjoyed reading your blog and marveling at your times and your training. Keep up the good work and I hope you come back to see us at the May Day 5K. I can promise you one thing. We will have the course marked off to exactly 3.1 next year. The race director from the CB5K and I wheeled the course both in meters and yards last week to get it exact. We are hoping to have it certified by May. It was long last year and I apologized to many who ran it and told us that it felt long. Probably 3.2 or 3.25. So you can feel better about your time from our race :)

    Keep running, blogging and hope to see you again!

    Christina Luglan