Friday, April 8, 2011

Building Speed

Marathon training starts May 8. I am concentrating on some shorter track workouts until then to hopefully build some speed. I would love to get back to where I once was.....Yesterday was definitely my "quickest" workout in awhile! I ran with the girls I coach and we did 6x300 I did this workout last week and I had much more success this time through! In red is what I ran last time...... 1. 300- 1:07 (6:00/mile pace) (1:09) 2. 300- 1:04 (5:44/mile pace) (1:08) 3. 300- 1:02 (5:33/mile pace) (1:07) 4. 300- 1:03 (5:38/mile pace) (1:07) 5. 300- 1:05 (5:49/mile pace) (1:09) 6. 300- 1:06 (5:55/mile pace) (1:10) Maybe it was the new running shorts..... Tomorrow will be a busy day at the track as we host the Waite-Molnar Track Invitational! Go Blue Devils!!! and Sunday is the Skunk Cabbage Classic.....I think I will be running the 10k and not the 1/2 marathon.....I also got permission from the hubby to register for the Rock-n-Roll Arizona Marathon on January 15, 2012. It will be a weekend away for me and the kids. I was looking for one over winter break...hoping for Rock-n-Roll in New Orleans. They announced the date yesterday as March 4. Which doesn't work with my teaching schedule and I will hopefully be running Boston in April and makes that race too close..... So Arizona it is!


  1. phenomenal! And you said you can't hang with the boys. Who are you kidding?! P.S. I love reading your blog =)

  2. Um wow - you are impressively speedy and clearly quite a busy lady :). Keep up the awesome training!