Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The best chocolate Easter bunny ever!

I gave up diet Pepsi for Lent. For those who know me this was quite difficult. It needed to be done though!!! I was drinking way too much diet soda!! I have discovered a new love for ice tea and water! Hopefully, I can be good and keep my inhalation of Diet Pepsi to one a day :)

Oh, how I have missed thee!!!

I had 10 miles scheduled for Sunday morning......I figured it wouldn't get done with it being Easter and all....I mean I really couldn't expect my 5, 4 and 2 year old to sleep in when the Easter bunny had left lots of candy filled eggs and baskets for the kids. I was woken up rather early by the littlest man, not for Easter but because he was running a fever (still)!!! Next up was big brother....now his excitement was quite contagious....and he woke up the Princess. They were so excited to see all the eggs hidden throughout the downstairs. It was great to watch them search high and low for the eggs and their baskets! So, the 10 miles will have to wait until Monday ( now that's Tuesday and I am actually posting this- I got them done and will blog about it soon!)

loving his new hat that the Easter Bunny brought

still feeling sick and not so interested in what the Easter Bunny brought

loves candy and toys so she was very happy!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by I always enjoy finding new blogs to follow. Looks like Easter at your house is a blast, sorry your little one was sick hope he's feeling better and enjoying what the Easter bunny brought him.