Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Runs are Good and Some are Not.....and a New Running Skirt

can't figure out why this picture keeps rotating it self....

I always said I would never run in a skirt.....but I saw this one and had to have it!!!! I love's a little short but Small was the only size available. It is the Nike Challenge skirt and has built in shorts also....It will be making it's racing debut at the Skunk Cabbage Classic 10k. I am also obsessed with Bic Bands!!! I have recently bought 5 and really want about 20 more :) They are awesome at keeping hair out of my face....I have one in my hair in this pic with my handsome little man who is making his pictorial debut on my blog.

me and my lovely Garrison

Now onto workouts.....Wednesday, I did a tempo run on my lunch and it was awesome!!! It was a 1 mile warm up (8:33) 3 miles tempo (7:26) (8:01) (7:26) and a mile cool down (8:27). I finished five in 39:56(over all 7:59 pace). Can you tell the hilly mile??? It was an awesome run and I was very pleased with it....

Now for the not so good workout which took place on the track at 5:00am this morning.....the work out called for 6x300 (62-71sec), 1200 (5:07-5:20), 800x2 (3:20-3:29). I hate to even admit this but after the 6 300's I was done....physically tired, soaking wet and I just didn't have it. Here are the 300's though.... I did so a 1.5 before and after and recovery jogs ....with a total of 4.4 miles (weak, I know)....

300- 69






I guess some days you have it and some days you don't.....

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  1. Isn't that the truth! Love your new running skirt! Michele and I had just had a discussion about them a couple weeks ago. Don't sweat today....there's always tomorrow =)