Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tornado Clean-up!

Well, Thursday was a crazy day! An EF-1 tornado hit my small town.  Luckily no one was injured in this storm.  We were spared luckily!  We didn't even have a branch down.  My in-laws weren't so lucky. 
    After the storm I headed towards Horseheads for a run since Elmira was in a state of emergency and 8pm curfew.  I headed out on 6.2 mile loop.  The plan was a mile warm-up and 2 at marathon goal pace (8:11) and 1 mile at half marathon goal pace (7:45) and 2.2 mile cool down.  My times were 8:03 and 8:01 for my MGP and 7:51 for my HGP.  It was cool because I saw 14 fire trucks from different areas headed to Elmira.  Felt good on the run so it was a success. 
   Yesterday was a rest day.  Today I ran to my in-laws and helped clean up after there tornado damage.  My poor mother in-law was home alone when it hit.  She saw/heard the tree that fell and hit her house and watched the transformer in front of the house blow.  Lots of sparks and fire. 
My in-laws live next door to a monastery and their trees crashed down onto my in-laws property.  After we cleaned her yard up we moved next door and helped the nuns. 
  1. front of patio

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