Monday, March 7, 2011

An Awesome Long Run and New Running Stuff!!!

14 miles 1:54:43 8:12/mile pace

Well, I have been horrible at training this winter....not horrible at running but training most specifically hitting the long runs.... I have been such a cold weather wimp! I am running the Shamrock 1/2 in 13 datys!!! I have done a 12 miler and 14 miler....I decided that this past weekend I had to get in one more 14 miler.....I have modified my goal for this race to a sub 1:50. Well, after my long run this weekend I can lower it. I met up with Kelli, Michele, and Megan (Lady Warriors.) The 4 of us ran together on Saturday...They are all marathon training and had 20+ runs to do so I ran with them for the first 12 and then headed back to my car to finish with 14 miles....I would say it was A GREAT run!!! I feel much more ready for Shamrock 1/2 and think I am going to shoot for a sub 1:45.

I also upgraded to the Garmin 405 and I am in LOVE with it!!!

I bought it on for 184 and free 2 day shipping! I have been splurging in the running department lately...I bought the Garmin, the book Advanced Marathoning, Asics Speedstars 5 (hotpink) , 3 new running shirts, and a pair of capri running pants. I have also registered for the lehigh valley and marine corps marathons, the Boilermaker and a 1/2 marathon on May I5. I think I have to cut it back but new running stuff is so much fun! I can't to wait to race a 4 mile race in the new Speedstars this weekend!!!

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