Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 4 Miler

4.0 Miles 29:19 (7:20/mile)
105/735 total
5/89 age group although I won 3rd in my age group because 2 of top 3 overall were in my age group We didn't stay for results so I didn't get my award :( ( I didn't think there was anyway I would of placed)
My mom and father in-law ran also
Well, one thing I learned from this race was to stick to the plan! I set a goal of 7:10/mile which would of given me a 28:40. Obviously I didn't do this. I am not upset at all with this race. it was a huge mommy PR for me.

The race started at 10am. We were off and I got a good start....I knew that I was out fast and I kept telling myself to slow down...I tried....It was hard when people kept flying by me though.

Mile 1 6:36 OOOPS....way faster than I should of been :( I told myself to slow it down and hold on for 2 miles so I could finish with an okay last mile . The rolling hills started after the first mile....I told myself cruise up and make up ground on the down

Mile 2 7:32 OOPS again to slow....that first mile was catching up to me. I kept telling myself 1/2 way done.... the hills continue :/

Mile 3 7:38 Really at this point I was so tired from going out at 6:36 I just knew I had to hold on for one more mile. Another woman passed me with about .5 to go so I made myself stick to her and the last 400m I went by her

Mile 4 7:27 for a total of 29:19

It was a great run overall. Last year I ran this race and ran a 31:02 (which was a PR and has been for a year) so I now have a PR that is 1 min 41 seconds faster!!

The last 3 miles are around where I want to be in the 1/2 I am running this weekend so hopefully I can stick to the plan next time!

They had a great post- race food spread....subway, beer, bananas, oranges, orange juice, bagels, donuts....... I wasn't very hungry but enjoyed a beer.... and the kids were all there

Ally, Mike, Sam and Carson Ally and Me

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