Monday, March 21, 2011

Shamrock 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Shamrock (Anthem) 1/2 Marathon 1:43:16

Overall Place: 563/6869

Gender: 134/4249

Age Group: 30/744
4:45 Alarm goes off. Time for a bagel and peanutbutter and a bottle of water. Then I crawled back into bed and reset the alarm for 6:15 (the joys of the start line being right outside the hotel). Alarm goes off again at 6:15 and I put on my gear. Check the weather 42 Degrees real feel of 35. I am in a tank top and shorts....I grabbed a pair of gloves and headed to the lobby. When I stepped of the elevator I could not believe all the people crammed in there. I checked bathroom line....LONG.....headed out to the porta potties ...LONGER.....Went back into the hotel and hopped in line with my mom.... 6:52 I finally get to the bathroom....I then headed to the corral, luckily I was in the first one so I did not have far to go. I did not warm up the way I usually would but I wasn't too worried. At 6:58 they let Team Hoyt runners go (totally inspiring!!!!) At 7 we were off.

My goal was 7:40's first 1/2 and 7:30's second 1/2

Mile 1- 7:41 Felt good stayed in a rythm.... Watched to make sure that I didn't go out to fast. The wind was tough but bearable.

Mile 2- 7:42 Still feeling good. Enjoying the run...

Mile 3-7:36 Started reading the signs....noticing some tightness in my quads but nothing serious.

Mile 4- 7:39 My quads are really tight and uncomfortable at this point but I keep pushing through

Mile 5- 7:42 Still on target. nailing the paces and quite happy

Mile 6-7:37 CarbBoom station here...went to grab one but missed and no gel for me...I was a little discourage but had to deal with it. The plan was to carry it to Mile 9 and take it there.....I did get a cup of water though.

Mile 7-7:34 My quads were still sore....I started regretting doing the 8k the day before.

Mile 8-8:11 here is where the wind really are running along the beach and it was cold and strong. My pace slowed and my mental toughness fell apart....I started slowing down and told myself as long as I was under 1:45 I was okay with it.

Mile 9- 8:14 More wind

Mile 10- 7:57 5k to go! I kept telling myself that I could right out and started to try and pick up the pace again.

Mile 11 7:54 KEEP on RUNNING

Mile 12- 8:07 1.1 miles to go I can do it!

Mile 13- 7:50The finish line looked so far away once we got onto the board walk! I kept telling myself to just keep going!!!
.1 ( .2 according to Garmin) 1:23 (7.25 pace)This is it!

total 13.2 (not horrible with the tangents) 1:43:16 and a new mommy PR

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