Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day started off with a long run. It was supposed to be 12 miles but it was a huge fail! I felt okay at the beginning ....Okay being tired legs.....after about 6 miles the legs decided it wasn't going to happen....my pace slowed and my legs started cramping, especially my calves. I ended up running 10.8 miles in 1:35:21 (8:53 pace). I was very discouraged after this run. It was the first day of training for Lehigh Valley Marathon.....hope it's not an indicator of the rest of the training plan!

The day did get better even though I had calf cramps throughout the day........... We went to my step-son's soccer game and came home with a new dog. The dog was his Christmas gift a year and half ago and stayed at his mom's house. The puppy has now joined our household. The kids love her already!!!

Afterwards we went Tag's for Mother's Day dinner with my mom and my in-laws and my brother. I started off with Red Cat and Mexican Spinach Artichoke Dip and then had an Awesome Chicken Salad. I had such a great Mother's day. I loved the home made gifts from Ally and Garrison and the hubby had the kids record their voices in a book and asked them questions. I LOVED it!!!!!

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