Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 3 Lehigh Valley Marathon Training

Sunday, May 22
I was suppose to run 13 miles....I felt horrible and stopped at 10.17
Long 10.17 Mi -1:28:57 (8:45/mile)
Monday, May 23- Rest started 7 weeks to 100 push- ups I did 6-8-6-6-9=35

Tuesday, May 24
Easy 3.39 Mi 29:50 8:49/mile. Ran with the girls on the track team. Should of run more but still fighting illness and some right achilles pain

Wednesday, May 25
Easy 2 Mi 19:07 9:34/mile Started out on an 8 mile run but my right achilles and the top right of my right foot hurt so bad so I turned around at 1mile and went home to ice.
push-ups 8-10-8-8-9=43

Thursday, May 26
- resting the foot one more day---

Friday, May 27
Easy 5.36 Mi 47:17 8:50/mile
push-ups 9-12-9-9-11=50

Saturday, May 28
Will do RR soon but I felt HORRIBLE!
Easy 1.73 Mi Warmup and Cool down
Race 8 km 37:17 7:31/mile

Total: 27.6 miles

Back on track so far this week.....

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  1. You are doing great girl! Don't beat yourself up about anything. The most important thing is that you are avoiding injury, because with an injury you cannot run the marathon at all.

    Keep your head up and take it easy!