Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Day 5k and Kids Fun Run

This weekend was the May Day 5k. I have not really been doing a lot of speed training and thought the 5k would be a good speed day! It was a Sunday race at 1:oopm. I have run the course before.....I ran it in October for the Chris Bond Run. In October I completed the course in 22:00. Sunday was over a minute slowe 23:08. I was disappointed with the time but happy because I was the overall female. I guess running 9 miles on Saturday was not the ideal way to improve a 5k time on Sunday. But oh well! It was fun! My mom ran also and won her age group!!! GO MOM!!!! They had the results all mixed up with me....They had me listed as a male and in the 15-19 year old age group. Not sure how that happened since I registered through Active. I was 12th over all out of 168 runners. They quickly "changed" me back to female. But I did have to forfeit my 15-19 age group award because of the over all win (nice thing for a 33 year old to have to do:) ).

My favorite part of the day was the 1/2 mile kids run!!! My 4 year old really wanted to run it. So I ran it with her and she was so cute running!!! When she crossed the finish line she looked up at me and said, " boy mom, that is hard work!" I love her!

Here are some pics of Ally's race........

At the start with mommy!

Checking out the crowd!


Like any runner she hit up the post race food!

The awards


  1. this is adorable! I can't believe your four year old already wants to run races (this may be my secret goal for when I have kids haha).
    Nice job at the race! You can't argue with the 1st place :)

  2. Great job winning overall female. More importantly--how awesome that your daughter ran the 1/2 mile race! She's too cute!