Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals for Arizon R-N-R 1/2

dying at the end of a 1/2
        My goal is sub 1:45.  Anything under 1:45 I will be happy with! I really want to run a smart race though!  I tend to go out to fast a die at the end.  I would love to to negative split!   
   We are heading out today to Sunny Phoenix.  I am very excited!  It is the farthest west I will have traveled and the farthest/longest I will be away from my kids.  I am a little anxious leaving the kids for 4 days but they are in good hands!

   While in Phoenix we will be going to a Suns game, ASU game and to see comedian Norm McDonald.  I am really looking forward to going Yogurtland after all the blogs that have pictures of this yummy place!

  This morning it was pouring and my daughter was up at 5:30 so I headed down to the basement and hopped on the treadmill.  It was an uneventful 4 miles.  I felt like I could run a lot faster which I guess means my taper is working :)  We watched Babaar and Secret Agent Oso as I ran.  Must say, not my ideal morning tv viewing as I am running!

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