Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

This is the most consistent I have been with this blog....hmmm.... It's 5 days into the new year and I am still following this resolution! GO ME !

Three things
1. I use to be way faster than I am now.  I ran all through high school and college.  I ran a sub 19:00 5k and a sub 40:00 10k.  I use to be consistently running sub 20:00's.  This was at a time in my life where everyday I had the opportunity to get up in the morning and do a morning run and had 4:00 everyday where I had practice.  I had people to run with everyday and a coach who was amazing!  Now, I have children to get up and ready and a job to go to. I have to get up between 4:30 and 5:00 if I want to run before the chaos of my day begins.  My other option is to go after the kids go to be which is around 8:00 or to squeeze in 5 miles on my lunch.  I am lucky that I have a husband who "let's" me do my long runs on the weekend.  I  now refer to PR's as mommy pr's because it's a whole different ballgame when you have kids to get the training in. 

2. Next Thursday my husband and I will be heading to Arizona-  This will be the longest we will be away from our kids since we have had them.  I am nervous about being away for 5 days and being so far away if something happens.  I am excited to have some alone time with my husband though.  I am really excited about running the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon!

3. My surgery this summer cost me a lot of money!  I had surgery this summer and my doctor accidentally punctured my bladder.  It sucked!  I was suppose to have a week recovery- that ended up being a week with a catheter and three weeks off from exercise and a slow comeback.  I had to defer 3 marathons and have switched from the full to the 1/2 in Arizona.  NYC was the most costly!  They make you repay the entry my $200 from last year and then $266 this year.  This NYC marathon better really be something special!

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