Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today it was a brisk 4 degrees when I got up so I did not go out for my run. I will have to do it later when it gets up to 29! It was such a beautiful morning! Here is the view from my son's bus stop..........
Monday, was the last day of winter vacation and I ran my 14 mile run. It took me 2:05:01 (8:55 pace) it was 30 with 20-30mph wind gusts so I was happy with that. Yesterday it was a brisk 18 so I only did 5 at 8:34 pace. I think my face is still thawing out!

Some pics from New Year's Eve..... This one is my nephew, my daughter and my niece (hiding behind my leg)

We traveled to Virginia to visit and spent New Year's Eve with my sister! We had such a great time! We decided to show the kids the ball dropping from 2011 on the TV at 9pm and put them to bed by 9:15! This worked like a charm and we were able to celebrate and not disrupt their sleep schedule too much..... Here is my youngest celebrating....

And my daughter!

HAPPY 2012!


  1. BRR!! It is COLD there!!! I'm glad we have not seen those cold temps here in Kansas yet. We will soon I'm sure. :) Beautiful picture of the sunrise!

  2. brrrr girl where do you live? It usually cold like that in Utah but we have had a massive winter heat wave this year.

    Great job on the 14-miler. You are amazing!

  3. I live in the Southern Tier of New York State. We have had a pretty mild winter so far except for yesterday and today! and Thanks~!