Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday to My Son



       Seven years ago, I became a mommy for the first time It has been a great seven years and boy have they flown by!  My son, Garrison, made a dramatic entrance into the world on 11/28/05.  I was induced at 8am and at 5pm I started pushing.  He did not want to enter the world easily.  7pm my midwife had to call in a Dr.   The doctor did not want to do a c-section.  9pm, my husband jokingly said "hurry up so we don't miss the kick-off!"  Patriots and Colts were playing.  Then things went bad.  My son, stopped breathing, they pulled him out at 9:07 pm.  It was quiet.  I was so scared. I looked over at my husband and he was crying.  I looked to where Garrison was and I could see blue feet.  It was the longest 2:20 seconds of my life.  The wonderful staff at the hospital got him breathing again and then they whisked him away to the NICU.  I was able to see him 2 hours later but he had to spend the night in the NICU.  He had to stay there until they knew if any brain damage had been done because of lack of oxygen.  The following morning, I was allowed to see and hold him for the first time.  I knew looking at him that he was okay.  He wasn't a pretty sight because of such a traumatic birth but I knew he was healthy.  The neurologist came in and told us that he was healthy and no brain damage had been done.  We were so happy and so lucky!  Seven years later and we count our lucky stars daily.  He is a smart, loving, caring, and energetic child.   I am so lucky to call him mine!  I never knew how much love there was in my heart until I held Garrison in my arms.
Missing 2 front teeth
Mommy and Garrison in Hurricane Machine

My Football Player

Mets Fan!

Running related news.....I have run once in the last few days because I have been down with the stomach bug. So, not anything exciting to report there!

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