Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Goodies and A Speed Workout!


In My New Oiselle Trials Hoodie and Thanksgiving Bic Band
              I have been eyeing the Oiselle Trials Hoodie.....Perfect reward for completing a marathon???  I thinks so!  I ordered the hoodie on Thursday and received it in the mail yesterday!  I wore it to work today....not normal teacher clothes but oh so comfy!  I am in love with this sweatshirt already and will probably wear it all of the time!  I also ordered a pair of the Lesley tights and tried those out on my morning track workout!  They are great and I will definitely be ordering a pair of the Lesley knickers!

Great Coming Home to This on My Porch!
Goodies Inside!
               I also entered the lottery for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in Washington D.C.  I entered under group with my mom!  Have my fingers crossed that we get in!

      This morning, I headed to the track for a workout.  It has been awhile since I have been to the track so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am only 9 days out from the marathon so I wasn't sure how my legs would feel. I am 26 weeks out from the Cleveland Marathon. Not definite that it will be my spring marathon but it's heading more and more that way! I have decided to focus on some speed work until 18 weeks out.  I ran 1.1 mile warm-up to the track, 8x400m, and 1.1 mile cool down.  Would of liked to run a little more so may head out for a double. 

              I had hoped that I could hit around 1:40 for each 400m

1. 1:39
2. 1:41
3. 1:40
4. 1:40
5. 1:42
6. 1:40
7. 1:42
   8. 1:38   
Overall, it was a good first speed work out back.  I definitely still have some lingering aches from the marathon!   On Thursday, I am running the Pie and Glove 5k!  I ran the inaugural race of this and pretty much every year since, except for a couple pregnancies.  This year it is at a new location because it has grown so much over the years! I am so excited to see so many runners from my past!
Are you running a Turkey Trot?  Which one?  How far?
How long before you start training hard again after a marathon?

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