Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Runner's World 1/2 Marathon

Mom, Me, and Bridget After the Run

        When I saw that Runner's World was putting a 1/2 Marathon I was quite interested.  I knew I was definitely in when I saw the course went through my Alma Mater, Moravian College.  My only nervousness was the timing....2 weeks before ING NYC marathon.  I was scheduled to run my last 20 miler that day.  My mom, cousin and I headed down on Saturday and went straight to the expo.  It was a small expo but quick and efficient.  Runner's World had so many different things going on for the those registered to attend.  We picked up our numbers, walked around and then headed to get some fro-yo.  I drove around my former college campus to see the changes and then headed to the hotel.  We checked in got in our room and rested up.  When dinner time came we headed to Victory Pizza.  My roommate in college and I had Victory Pizza before every race.  I had some yummy baked ziti.  After a full belly we headed back to the hotel and I got everything out and ready to go for the next morning. 

Ready to Go!

          We left the hotel early enough the next morning so I could get some miles in before the race started. I ended up getting 4.7 miles done and I loved every step of it. Something about being back on the roads in Bethlehem! I was only going to do 4 before and 3 after but the start line was farther away than I anticipated. 

apartment from college that I ran by
view from bridge on my pre-run

Steel Stacks
             By time I got to the start line it was 5 minutes to go time.  I moved through the crowds to get to the pacer that matched my goal pacing.  Then the gun was off.  I had a stomach ache from the get go and needed to use the bathroom (TMI). But ran out of time. Made it an interesting run for sure.  I figured I could stop along the way as I was not really racing. That never happened because lines were too long.  I ended up finishing in 1:52:48 and was quite pleased.  My last miles were my fastest.  It was probably one of the toughest courses that I have ran.  I must say that my favorite thing about the course was that 95% of the course was on roads that we ran on in college and I loved the nostalgia of that. 
            After the race was over, I headed to add on and ended up with 20.2 for the day.  I highly recommend this race and hope to do the Hat Trick next year.



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