Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Practicing the Start
                         So, it has been awhile.  I have raced a few 1/2 marathons, a 5k and was supposed to have completed the NYC Marathon.  I had been stuck in a rut the last times I had posted.  I was bumming and having trouble getting through my long runs.  I had a run about a month and 1/2 ago that everything clicked again.  It was one of those runs that I could of run forever and I enjoyed every step!  I then ran the Wineglass 1/2 marathon and finished with a 1:47:01.  It was not a PR but it was 14 minutes faster then the Catharine Valley 1/2 in August so I was beyond happy with how it turned out.

Finishing the Wineglass

5k finish
         A week later we headed to Winchester, VA to visit my sister and celebrate my nieces 3rd birthday.  There happened to be a 5k and mile fun run while we were there.  I signed up for the 5k and my 5 year old wanted to run the mile fun run.  I ened up finishing 3rd in my age group with a 23:29.  I was very excited that my 5 year old ran the mile fun run in 9:52.

Ally finishing her mile in 9:52
with her medal

3rd in age group

Next I will share my race re-cap on the Runner's World Festival and Some thoughts on the NYC marathon debacle.


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