Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Harrisburg Marathon

at the packet pick-up

            Well, things didn't turn out how I wanted at the Harrisburg Marathon.  I guess some days are better than others.  After a rocky start to marathon training because of plantar fasciitis, I started to feel more confident when my runs started to "click".  Since I was originally training for NYC and picked up the Harrisburg marathon after NYC canceled I had an extra week of tapering.  I am not sure that my body does well with tapering so two weeks was rough.  My fastest marathon was used as a training run the week after a 20 miler and tough week of training.  My slowest was this past weekend after 2 weeks of taper. 

        As for the course and the race itself, everything was perfect.  The course was a nice course, lots of friendly volunteers and many people out cheering.  I knew by mile 6.5 that it wasn't going to be my day.  By mile 8 my quads were already tightening.  Not sure what went wrong?  What got me through was that I ran every mile for someone/something.  Finishing this race was an accomplishment for me.  I am may not be happy with how it went but I am proud of myself for sticking it out.

getting ready to high five my Ally
       The main thing that kept me going was getting the miles for everyone.  I couldn't quit on anyone that I dedicated a mile to.... 
Here is my list:
  1. Staten Island
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Queens
  4. Bronx
  5. Manhattan- Miles 1-5 were for the marathon that never happened last weekend.....
  6. My Grandma Phillips- she was at many of high school races and always supported me.  I miss her much
  7. My Papa- he passed away when I was in Middle School but I am sure he would of supported me!
  8. Grandma Lady- My dad's mom-  so many memories and wish I had been able to have her in my life longer.
  9. Dana- Dana was a high school friend and runner.  Dana Passed away from cancer a few years back.  He was inspiration to many.  He had a lot of challenges thrown his way but always stayed positive.
  10.  Kelli- My running buddy!  She is the girl who gets my crazy obsession with running!  I am luck to have her as a friend! 
  11. Grandma Mac and Grandma Bal- my husband's grandmothers who were are so lucky to have around still.
  12. Sam- My father in-law.  I am very lucky to have such amazing in-laws! 
  13. Nancy- My mother in-law.  A cancer survivor and an amazing person!
  14. Kathryn- My sister who lives in Virginia with my niece and nephew and her hubby.  Wish they lived closer
  15. Danny- My brother who lives in Chicago and I miss a bunch! We are running Chicago Marathon next year....his first, and I can't wait!
  16. Tom- My other brother.  He lives close by with my nephew.  He is going through a lot right now and remains positive and shows such great character!
  17. My Dad-  I love my dad and wouldn't be who I am without him!
  18. My Mom- My biggest fan!She has been to everyone of my marathons and so many of my races.  He support continues to amaze me!  
  19. Ryan- My oldest him!  I am lucky enough to watch him in the summer and spend lots of time with him.
  20. Teegan- My 3 year old niece.  She is a bundle of energy. Such a a sweet child that brings many smiles to my face.
  21. Dexter- My 1 year old nephew.  There is something special about this kid!  He makes me smile!  
  22. Bryson- my step-son.  He is a hockey player who plays with lots of heart!  I used some of that to get through that my mile
  23.  Garrison-  My oldest.  The song Greatest Love All started playing right at the beginning of this mile.  Truth - there is no greater love than what I feel for my little ones....thinking about Garrison surely got me through...
  24. Ally- My daughter- She is such an amazing child! She made me the best sign ever! I loved giving her high fives when I ran by her
  25. Carson- My baby- who is 4.  He is my challenging child! Always keeps me on my toes! I love him to pieces
  26. Mike- My husband.  Without him running a marathon would not have been possible! So Thanks HONEY!         
.2 was for me

I am already looking for another marathon....Even though this one wasn't plesant and think I will be running 2 marathons in the fall I need to try again!  I need something to train for! I need redemption!

I am leaning towards Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon or Charlottesville Marathon..... Any advice/pros/cons on either????                    


  1. Awee, its love! I think its so cool that you dedicated every mile to someone! Im going to try that, next training cycle. This entire blog just shows how mentally strong you are! Love ya lady!!! Xoxo

  2. Amy, this is such a great post. You could have easily gave up on that marathon, but I love how you turned it into something positive by dedicating your miles. A great idea! I will have to remember that if I'm struggling in a race. Thanks for sharing!